Upcoming Workshops

Oklahoma Association for Play Therapy Annual Conference  January 27, 2018

Ohio Association for Play Therapy Annual Conference  April 5 & 6, 2018

I am available to come and teach workshops!  Remember, though I book these “away” appearances about a year in advance, so please plan ahead.

I would be delighted to present any of the following workshops. If you are interested in a one day or two day workshop on any of these topics, let me know, and I can send you a short description, outline, and objectives (and anything else you might need–well, within reason...).

Meeting Clients Where They Are: Using the Language of Video Games in Play Therapy

Adlerian Play Therapy

Active Games for Groups (Adventure Therapy)

Art Techniques for Play Therapists

Metaphors and Storytelling for Play Therapists

Family Play Therapy--Adlerian Style

Customized Consultation with Parents (and/or Teachers) of Play Therapy Clients

Play Therapy for Pre-teens and Teens

Play Therapy for Adults

Adlerian Applications of Sand Tray Play Therapy

Burnout Prevention for Play Therapists

En-Couragement: Integrating Play Therapy with Life Coaching Strategies

Play Therapy Supervision

Body-Centered Play Therapy with Traumatized Clients

Boogie On: Integrating Dance and Movement into Play Therapy

Play On: Using Improv Techniques in Play Therapy

Playing Together: Group Play Therapy

My usual honorarium is $3250 for the first day and $2000 for each additional day, plus expenses (expenses include travel, meals, lodging, and production of handouts for the workshop).

Contact Information:


(319) 266-0887

PO Box 1045

Cedar Falls, IA 50613