The classes/trainings that I have taken with Dr. Terry Kottman have greatly impacted me both professionally and personally. After each class I walk away with very practical and useful techniques which I am able to incorporate into my therapy sessions and a better understanding of the purpose and theory that these techniques are based on. Any class can give you techniques, but Dr. Kottman is able to teach helpful ways to form true connections with people which has increased by ability to authentically connect with other. I always leave her classes with a better understanding myself which positively impacts my counseling as well as my personal life. Dr. Kottman’s fun and energetic approach has always kept me wanting to learn more.

Nikole Pauli LMHC, NCC,  Cedar Falls, IA

I have completed several trainings with Terry and the Encouragement Zone. I have appreciated her willingness to share her knowledge of Adlerian Play Therapy with other therapists. She has provided me with many interventions and approaches I can use in my work with children and families. She is creative, supportive and encouraging. She also is generous in allowing those therapist she trains to share her ideas with others they supervise by giving us many useful handouts and guides to pass along. I would highly recommend any training experience Terry offers because I have faith others will learn and grow as I have in the time I have spent learning from her. Lucy Eberly, LCSW, RPT-S Warsaw, IN

The Encouragement Zone

"Terry does a great job of providing play therapy
supervision at whatever level you are seeking. She has great ideas for individual cases; she can help you to look at your own behavior in the sessions and to learn your strengths and your areas to strengthen; and she can help you to look at your own baggage and how it impacts your therapy with children. Thanks, Terry, for helping me become aware of my "authoritarian self" - I'm getting triggered less often and when it does happen, I can cope with it!" Laurie Nelson, LISW, Minneapolis, MN

Terry understands that your personal and professional life mix together. She truly strives to connect with each person she meets as she provides support, education, training, or supervision to individuals who want to improve themselves personally and/or professionally. Terry is not pushy and with her guidance, she allows you to become your best on your own terms. I highly recommend Terry for education and supervision, as she has an infinite amount of wisdom and knowledge of play therapy.

Melissa Wehr, LISW, RPT

Cedar Rapids, IA

I obtained my foundation training and supervision in Adlerian play therapy with Dr. Terry Kottman. It was after this first training that, with Terry’s guidance, I developed a play therapy protocol and programs at the hospital counseling center and inpatient unit where I was employed at the time. Eventually I obtained enough training and supervision to become credentialed as a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, and have gone on to train and supervise others. I continue to work with families, children, adults, and adolescents using the concepts I learned from her, now in a private practice setting. Her knowledge, expertise, playfulness, sincere attention to my questions and clinical dilemmas, problem-solving skills, and her wealth of useful techniques have molded and guided me professionally and personally. She continues to be a rich resource for me in my clinical work and in guiding our state association for play therapy. I feel very fortunate to have developed a lifelong relationship with Terry! In my opinion she is one of the best in the field. Highly recommended!

Susan G. Schmitz, MSW, LISW

Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor

I have found the trainings offered by Terry to be opportunities for professional and personal growth. I have taken several classes and leave feeling encouraged, inspired, and empowered.

Robyn Rodenburg, LMHC, Waterloo, Iowa  

Training with Terry in Adlerian play therapy and sand tray play therapy has changed my perspective on my practice and my own personal life. I learn so much and continue to grow through additional training. Not only does Terry have a unique teaching style, she is just plain fun, and there is no falling asleep. Terry and her family are loving and nurturing and I want to keep on going to Iowa. A summer without Adlerian play therapy training from Terry is like a day without sunshine!! Is like pizza without cheese, is like Mexican without tortillas, or worse chocolate chip cookies without nuts!!

Victoria Davidson, LCSW, RPT, Signal Mountain, TN

I have been supervised by Terry for ten years. What I have learned has been invaluable. Even more amazing than her supervisory skills is her optimistic attitude- she find a positive aspect even in the most difficult of circumstances (such an important skill to have when working with children!). The other really great thing about Terry is that when she feels the need to critique a supervisee, she does it with genuine care and LOTS of humor. So if your are of a "sensitive nature" she is definitely the supervisor for you!   Carlene Erickson, LISW, RPT-S, Clinton, IA

Being supervised by Terry Kottman has been a true professional journey for me. From my first supervision experience in practicum to my final experience finishing my hours for my RPT, Terry was my guide. She understands the true meaning of the word clinical supervision. Each supervision hour I would learn about techniques, theoretical conceptualizing, professional identity development, and personal blind spots with regard to counseling others. Now, as a professor myself, I use my supervision experience with Terry as a template for supervising my students. I am eternally grateful for the guidance I have received from Terry. J.B., Indiana

WOW! What an amazing experience! Small class sizes allowed for one-to-one attention, the experiential opportunities allowed for real-life learning, and the Adlerian approach addresses the whole-child. It’s a priceless opportunity that keeps me coming back for more! Dana Holtz, LPC, RPT-S, Tucson, AZ

"I looked forward to each of my supervision sessions with Terry. Her intuitive spirit guided my professional development as a counselor and honed my skills as a play therapist. Her powerful listening contributed to my becoming a reflective practitioner. I'll always be grateful to her for "taking me on" and challenging me to continue growing as a counselor and a human being!

Chris Evan-Schwartz, M.Ed., M.S., LMHC, NCC

Terry's classes are educational for the mind as well as for your soul. The classes (sand tray, Adlerian play therapy, etc) provide you the theory, the logic, and the experience, to become a more effective and present therapist or counselor. John Young, Leon, IA

I have done monthly phone supervision with Terry and was so enriched both personally and professionally. She helped me hold myself in high regard as a therapist and gave me insight and strategies. My supervision time with her was intellectually lively.

Sue Collins-Larson, M.A., LPC, Portland,OR

The classes I took at the Encouragement Zone spoiled me. The mix of information, discussion, and hands-on practice, plus sensitive and encouraging feedback made them the best learning experiences I have had anywhere.

Jaymee Glenn-Burns, Field Outreach Minister, Cedar Falls, Iowa