So....when I coach, I combine the concepts and strategies of co-active coaching with concepts and strategies from Adlerian psychology. I may use art therapy and play therapy techniques too. I focus on forward movement, without the usual assumption made in therapy that the client is flawed/broken/needs fixing. Thinking about my clients as naturally creative, resourceful and whole, I co-create a relationship in which my clients can figure out what changes they would like to make (sometimes in behavior, in attitudes, in relationship patterns, in feelings, in thinking, etc.) and design a strategy for supporting them in making those changes.  In co-active coaching, there are three areas on which I would work with you:

 With some clients, I do all three things; with some, I only focus on one or two of these. In coaching, I am strategic in working on specific goals that the client has helped to generate at the beginning of our relationship. I do hour long sessions, usually every other week, but some of my clients want and/or need a different arrangement. I am willing to be flexible and discuss an arrangement that would work for you. I see some of my clients in person at my office; others I talk to on the phone.  


Here’s the practical stuff:  I charge $120 an hour for individual coaching. I also do group coaching, but the fee is dependant on the number of people in the group and the frequency of the group. Payment is due at the time of the session. (If we do a phone session, you can send me a check in the mail.)  In my continued effort to walk my talk and have a balanced life, I only coach on a limited number of days every month.  (Don’t worry, they will be relatively predictable.)

Contact Information:

(319) 266-0887

PO Box 1045

Cedar Falls, IA 50613