* Would you like a more fulfilling life?

    * Would you like to live in alignment with your life purpose?

    * Do you need help moving forward with the things you want?

    * Would you like more balance in your life?

    * Would you like to learn to do a better job of self-nurturing?

    * Do you want to really honor your own values in your everyday life?

    * Do you still wonder about what you want to be when you grow up?

    * Would you like to take more responsibility for getting what you want?

    * Would you like to have a job you love?

    * Do you have enough fun, laughter and joy in your life?        

    * Are you living your life as if you believe you are enough?

If you want to explore these questions or any other questions related to having the life you want, I would love to co-create a coaching relationship with you.  We can play with expanding your thinking and your options; developing skills and making plans for moving forward; recapturing your dreams and your life purpose; gaining a sense of balance; getting rid of self-defeating patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving; and just generally having more fun!


If you live in the Cedar Falls area, we can do the coaching at my office, live and in person.  If you don’t live in the lovely Cedar Valley, we can do the coaching over the phone or via Skype. Coaching groups are also available–call me, and let’s talk.

Contact Information:


(319) 266-0887

PO Box 1045

Cedar Falls, IA 50613